The Collaborative’s media emphasis is in partnership with the Auburn Institute.  Its purpose is to help students and other Collaborative participants become experienced spokespersons in all forms of media communication.

The Collaborative will form strategic partnerships with outside vendors and consult with VU Public Affairs to develop the media area of its work.  This includes:

  • recording short and informal TED-talk style addresses given by Summer Institute workshop leaders and panelists
  • making opportunities available for Summer Institute participates to archive their experiences via short audio recordings
  • producing videos and audio clips that will be available as part of the VDS library and archives
  • producing video and audio clips that will be posted on Collaborative website as resources
  • developing a website in collaboration with the Web Communications Office supervised by the associate director leading content management and updates, ensuring the relevancy and accessibility of the Collaborative’s web presence
  • sharing videos and audio clips via social media, VU YouTube, local and national media outlets
  • partnering with other Luce public theology partners, the national advisory committee, and Public Affairs to disseminate resources developed by the Collaborative widely
  • explore working with VIDL to develop a MOOC or equivalent