Alacia LaRobin

Alacia LaRobin began singing at an early age and has always dreamed of writing and performing her own songs. Though her roots are deeply anchored in small-town traditions, her talent spans a broad range of style and creativity. She has experience in singing, song-writing, piano, acting and directing. Alacia is also the founder of a non-profit organization for teenage girls called TeamEADIt,Inc., named after her popular song "Everybody Ain't Doing It." In addition to her musical talents, Alacia is also a gifted playwright.  She wrote, directed and starred in her own full-length play, Everybody Ain't Doing It: The Musical and is currently working on the sequel to be produced in the very near future.  Alacia has served as a minister of music or church musician for over twenty years and considers it a privilege to encourage people through music.  Alacia has completed two gospel albums, which helped build the foundation for her musical career.  Those albums also served as the impetus behind her decision to resign as a high school English teacher and pursue her life-long dream of becoming a professional singer/songwriter.  This journey, though spiritually rewarding, has proven to be one of Alacia’s most challenging yet, as the music industry is very competitive and not as lucrative for artists who vow to maintain integrity in their creative processes as well as public personas.  Undeterred, Alacia has applied the mantra of “Everybody ain’t doing it” to both her professional and personal life and has committed to only creating and performing music that uplifts, encourages and motivates audiences to better humanity. Consequently, her most recent project, Identity Crisis: Found, is a departure from her initial sound and style, but it maintains the same themes as her earliest songs.   Half of a two-part album, ID Crisis addresses issues Alacia has faced along her journey to embracing her uniqueness and purpose and can be more accurately described as Inspirational R&B, rather than contemporary gospel. Alacia has high expectations for her music career and other artistic aspirations and hopes that her willingness to share her testimony through the arts will allow her to reach audiences both nationally and internationally.


Eric Dozier

Eric Dozier is a music educator, cultural activist, and recording artist who uses music to engage communities in dialogue about racism. Encouraging people in finding and lending their voice to the ever emerging story of humanity lies at the heart of his work. He is committed to “Uniting The World One Song At A Time.” He has served as the musical director for the World Famous Harlem Gospel Choir, the award winning Children’s Theatre Company of NYC, and has been a featured artists at the United Nations. Through these collaborations, he has been honored to share the stage with the likes of Harry Belafonte, Angelique Kidjo, Raffi, and even Nelson Mandela. 

He currently serves on the Education Curriculum Development Committee for the forthcoming National Museum of African American Music to be built in Nashville, TN and has recently launched the Young People's Freedom Song Initiative, a community supported grassroots music education movement. The Initiative is an interactive exploration of the Freedom Song tradition born during the time of the American Civil Rights Movement, designed to engage young people in revolutionary music making.

He is a graduate of Duke University and Duke Divinity School and is currently pursuing a doctorate at the University of Tasmania researching the impact of Black Gospel Music on communities outside of the Black Church