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2019 Public Theology and Racial Justice Summer Institute Cohort 2 Application

The Cohorts (1st and 2nd) form a national body of persons committed to consistent dialogue around issues pertaining to racial justice that impact them locally, but have national import. By consistent collaboration, Cohort participation will serve as a think tank for ideas, collective witness, and support for the journey. In 2020, towards the end of this grant-funded program at Vanderbilt Divinity School, the Public Theology and Racial Justice Collaborative will host a leadership conference where members from the Cohorts will caucus to identify an issues agenda developed and discerned by Cohort members, which they will then live into as a national body beyond the Vanderbilt Divinity School incubation. Situated across the country this vision promises to strengthen the many efforts nationally that work to eradicate racial injustice. Fostered by a sense of calling and a commitment to break down the barriers that our silos have created, this collaboration promises to stimulate innovative scholar activism.

Please note that by filling out this application, you are applying to be part of the Second Cohort (the group of persons who desire to remain in the conversation regarding public theology and racial justice beyond the SI and who will return the following year of the grant with special privileges that will be enumerated at the 2019 SI).

Name *
Do you have community organizing experience? If so, please share examples.
Short essay: What do you see as the role of Public Theology in the quest for Racial Justice in America?
Do you have media experience (public relations, interacting with press, etc.)? If so, please share examples.
Share with us a little about your current work (highlight specific public theology and/or racial justice connection).
In which track are you most interested? *
Please note that if your chosen track is full, you will be placed in the remaining track.